8 Weeks Postpartum and Thrush

This week I met most of my goals - I almost worked out everyday, no ring fit though. I have 2 days remaining on the 30 day Yoga and Glute challenges and about 10 days remaining on ghe Dead Hang challenge. I'm skeptical I'll even be able to complete that one though, the last day… Continue reading 8 Weeks Postpartum and Thrush

7 Weeks Postpartum and Stretch Marks

7 weeks pp today and I weighed in at 148 this morning despite battling with my sugar cravings daily. I have also not played ring fit adventure at all this week, however I have kept up with the ab workout, my darebee challenges and yoga, and even did 4 daily workouts they had posted. I… Continue reading 7 Weeks Postpartum and Stretch Marks

4 weeks postpartum and Ring Fit Adventure

Four weeks postpartum today and I'm down to 150 lbs, not significant from last week, but I'm not discouraged. These things take time, and one week is really not long enough to visibly see progress. This week I did the Yoga and Glute challenges from Darebee and the diastasis recti exercises from whattoexpect just as… Continue reading 4 weeks postpartum and Ring Fit Adventure

3 Weeks Postpartum

I'm three weeks postpartum (and 1 day) and I'm now 151 lbs. I can honestly say that I've done absolutely nothing that I planned to do this week. After last week's post I fully intended to work out everyday and eat healthy, and pump milk at least once a day also. None of that happened.… Continue reading 3 Weeks Postpartum

A few terrifying things about twin pregnancy and postpartum

Hello everyone! My writing blog mjpankey.com has been lagging a bit lately because I've been super preoccupied with being pregnant with twins!  They were born at 36 weeks and 4 days on 27 Sept, and the whole experience was, quite frankly, a bit terrifying, for multiple reasons. The first, obviously, was that I was going… Continue reading A few terrifying things about twin pregnancy and postpartum