On LoveEvery

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for the LoveEvery toy box containing specially designed toys for your child’s particular development age. They’re on Facebook everywhere, and I successfully ignored them until a friend recommended LoveEvery to me because her daughter was enjoying them. Because I didn’t really have time to do my own research into toys, I decided to give it a go.

I purchased the 3-month subscription for the “The Helper” kit, for ages 25, 26, and 27 months. It looked like it had some cool toys in there that my twins would enjoy and of course it coincided with their age and they looked to be very well made.

I was not particularly happy about the $342 dollars though. Holy crap! And I’m actually super confused at how the cost is calculated. I think I was charged $342 dollars for 3 kits spaced 3 months apart, but I’m not 100% sure.

That being said, when the first box came, my kids were all super excited, and even my 3 year old enjoyed opening the box and playing with the toys inside. They are all very well-made toys and there’s even an instruction book which shows how each toy is geared towards your child and how they help in the development of their particular milestones.

The reality of it is though, despite these toys being well made, they are super generic and you can put these toy kits together yourself for around $30-60. For the length of time my kids were actually interested in these toys, the fact that they were well made was a super moot point. My kids were bored with these toys within a few days. They latched on to one or two and completely ignored the others.

I’ve received 2/3 boxes so far, and I’m a bit perturbed at how many pieces some of the toys are, which for this “developmental stage” is bound to last all of 24 hours before the pieces are scattered around the house.

I have since donated most of them because they just became clutter. I don’t know if my kids have surpassed some of these milestones and that’s why they were bored so soon, but all in all, I’m disappointed in this product, mostly because of the huge price tag.

My friend and her daughter love this product though, and LoveEvery has glowing reviews from other satisfied parents, but this was honestly a big waste of money for me and my family. My kids get more enjoyment pushing their stuffed animals around the house in their empty diaper boxes than playing with these toys.

If you have time to acquire quality toys for your child, then I recommend doing that and getting things that your child will find entertaining and beneficial. If you don’t have that time but have money to spare, then LoveEvery may be a good choice for you and your kids. No matter how long your kids actually play with these toys, rest assured that they will be wildly excited to open the box and see what’s inside and will probably play with the toys for at least a day if not longer.

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