On the Morning Yoga Movement

I decided to give Yoga with Kassandra’s Morning Yoga Movement a try. I’ve always been attracted to yoga and it seemed like a good way to get in some exercise without over exerting myself (because, let’s face it, being a mom is exhausting enough).

I found out about Yoga with Kassandra from a reddit post. I had watched Yoga with Adriene a couple times in the past, but I felt her videos weren’t challenging enough and they were also almost always 30 mins or longer, which with my hectic mom-life was just not something I could commit to regularly or long term.

So the most bang for my buck fell on Yoga with Kassandra’s Morning Yoga Movement: a free 30-day beginner yoga program consisting of a quick 10 minute video.

I started on 1 April and I remember finishing the first video feeling energized, positive, and like I hadn’t expended any additional time at all. It was a really great feeling for a previous workout junky who no longer had time or energy left to workout after unburying myself from mountains of kid clothes, toys, and dirty dishes.

Kassandra’s 10 minute flow every day was challenging enough that I felt my body had noticeably benefitted without needing to change my clothes or shower afterwards, and without the soreness of traditional workouts. My muscles were engaged and I was in tune with my body in a way I hadn’t been since daily gym routines from my pre-mom days.

In addition to very easy to follow instructions on how to perform the poses correctly, Kassandra includes a new affirmation each day: a positive intention to focus on and set the tone for the remainder of my day, which after chaotic mornings of getting kids up and dressed and shipped off to daycare, was a much needed interim before settling into a mentally demanding full-time job. The affirmations struck me as a kind of hocus pocusy thing at first, but after the first couple of days I actually appreciated how it guided me to reflect on my life and find the positive things that were buried underneath the mountainous daily to-do list.

I was hooked from her first video, and made it a morning ritual. 10 minutes is veeeery doable in terms of exercise, and before you decide that 10 mins/day is not enough to make a physical difference, stop. By week two there was a marked change in my flexibility, specifically in my neck and back.

I have scoliosis and a herniated disc in my neck and see a chiropractor every month, sometimes more often if I have any severe pains or strains that flare up. Forward folds, even something as simple as letting my head hang on the arms of gravity felt tight and painful, and created a ribbon of tension that stretched up to the crown of my head and all the way down the backs of my legs to my toes.

By week two, this tension had subsided. By the end of the program my hips and back had also loosened up considerably and I was able to do pigeon pose, cobra, and butterfly folds without feeling that my joints were being pinched or poked.

I finished her 30 day program and kept going, buying her app which I will discuss in a future video, and completing several other programs that she has. I’ve come to value yoga so much that I have made a choice to allow myself additional time on some days to do a longer video, a 15 or even 30 minute one. Kassandra has a wide range of videos which vary in experience level, yoga style, and time length.

This is month five for me and I have skipped my daily yoga practice less than 5 times, it’s really that convenient and important. I highly recommend checking out the morning yoga movement to see if it might be the right program for you. It has been a truly positive experience for me mentally, emotionally, and physically, and has put me more in tune with my body and my cycle (more on that in a future video), and introduced me to not only a lifestyle that capitalizes more on what nature intended for our minds and bodies, but also one that has helped me accept who I am and appreciate my body in a way I never have before.

Yoga with Kassandra is free on youtube.

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