Super Easy Black Bean Burgers (Vegetarian)

I was scrounging around in my kitchen for some lunch and decided to let the muses create what they will. They came up with a super duper easy Black Bean burger recipe that was really tasty. All you need:

1 can of black beans, rinsed and smashed
1/3 c. cooked quick oats (I cooked mine with 1/3 c.+ extra splash of milk)
1 egg
1 T. of Zeus seasoning (any all-purpose should do the trick though, Mrs Dash etc.)
1-2 T. steak sauce (I wanted to put soy sauce in it originally, but I didn’t have any, Worchestershire sauce I think would also add great flavor, but steak sauce was all I could find in my cupboards this time)
1/3 c. flour
Avocado oil for pan frying

-Heat a pan with the avocado oil
-Smash the black beans and mix all of the other ingredients together
-Use a spoon to scoop a dollop of the mixture into the hot pan and spread it into a flatter burger shape
-After a couple of minutes, flip it over and brown the other side.

*Makes about 7 burgers

I put it on a Hawaiian burger bun with pepperoncinis and herb goat cheese, lettuce, and tomato and it was amazing. Unlike some black bean burgers, these ones also didn’t come apart as I held my burger in my hands.

This is a super easy recipe that I will be repeating in the future, and all the ingredients were readily available.

Hope you enjoy!

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