8 Months Postpartum

8 months postpartum this morning and I weighed in at 134. At one point in the last couple of weeks I made it down to 133, but that was short lived. I actually haven’t been working out every day like I was. I’ve been extremely busy and just exhausted. Most of the time I fall asleep along with the twins when I put them down for the night, which kills the 30-40 minutes I might get to myself after they’re asleep.

I’m not sure why I’m so tired, but that’s just my state of being lately.

Once my exercise streak was broken, it was like something inside just cared a lot less. I was trying to make it an entire year working out every day. I made it like 130 days and then one night I fell asleep putting the girls down, and that was the end of that. Ever since I’ve been doing the minimum, sometimes nothing, depending on if I’m still awake when the girls finally doze off.

So, instead of finishing my 30 day Athena’s Playbook program on May 11, I’m finishing it today, May 27. And the Power Up program I paired with it I’ll finish tomorrow because…well…it’s just taken me longer to finish that one too. I’ll post a separate review for those programs.

All in all though I feel good about my postpartum weight loss. I’m now 4 days shy of being as long postpartum as I was pregnant with the twins, and I had hoped to be down to 127 again by now. But I’m not, and that’s okay. I’ve made a lot of dietary choices that went against me (consuming 1200 extra calories/day in protein during my Full Circuit program, reese’s addiction, etc), and this past month has been exhausting for who knows why.

The good news is I can do 5 pullups in a row, all of my clothes fit, I have muscle definition in my arms and legs, I’m still breastfeeding and able to pump at work, both of the twins are fat and healthy, and I feel physically fit and strong. Those last 7 lbs, I have a feeling, are going to drop off when I stop breastfeeding. That’s how it was with my son too. Overall, I’m satisfied with my postpartum journey, and it’s time to bring it to a close.

I will still be posting fitness reviews on darebee programs and sharing other mom of twins things frequently, but my weekly fitness journey is done. Thank you all for following!

Stay tuned for my darebee reviews of Athena’s Playbook and Power Up!

8 months postpartum/ 134 lbs
4 weeks postpartum 150 lbs
4 weeks postpartum

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