7 Months Postpartum and my decision about daycare amid the COVID-19 pandemic

I made it seven months postpartum as of April 27, and I weighed in at 134 lbs. Seven lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

COVID-19 has posed some new issues and moral dilemmas that as a parent, I hoped I would never have to make. The major one being, do I put my child in daycare so I can go to work? Or should either my husband or myself quit our jobs so we can watch him?

My mother in law has been able to watch the twins since I’ve gone back to work, but compounding that by adding on a toddler is just too much to ask her to deal with, it’s not even something that I feel confident enough to handle the majority of the time.

This is a decision that I know I’m not alone in having to make. Families across the world are trying to think this through right now.

Ultimately, we decided to put him back in daycare. My reasons for this may not be agreeable to some people, which I totally get. But my reasons were that the job market is unsteady, and my contract is slated to end 28 July anyway. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue onto a new contract or find other employment, so working now will help keep us afloat a bit longer if I’m not able to find a job later. And with thr unsteady job market because of COVID, there’s the possibility that my husband’s job might not last either.

Another reason is that my son benefits so much from daycare, both socially, intellectually, and psychologically. He has friends there, he’s already way ahead of most kids his age in terms of knowledge (abcs, numbers, shapes, colors, etc), he eats well there, and he’s getting bored being at home so much. The daycare closed for almost 2 weeks but they’ve reopened, and we’ve exhausted our at home activities. Plus with 7 month old twins, it’s not easy to do messy crafts or go outside. I don’t know how the daycare does it, but they’re amazing.

Thirdly, the daycare owner is in the vulnerable population, so I know they are going to do everything they can to make sure the place stays clean and kids are well (checking for fevers etc). And I know they wouldn’t be re-opening unless they had to. There were probably 30 kids going there before the pandemic. My son has been back for two weeks and the most that have been there is 9 kids. There are likely a lot of parents that have lost their jobs, and don’t even have the ability to make this choice. I love his daycare, and I want to help them stay afloat too in this economic uncertainty. It’s not easy finding someone that I trust with my kid’s wellbeing. I went through another daycare, and 3 nannies with my son before finding this place, and they were all subpar. I don’t want to lose this place, especially because eventually I want my twins to go there also. I’d rather skip the trial and error I had to go through before.

So. Those were the factors that weighed into my decision. Every family is going to have to make the decision that is best for their family, and for mine it was putting my son back in daycare, despite the risks of COVID.

As far as the workout front is going. I’m holding steady at 134 lbs, and I can do 6 pullups in a row now! I’m not as concerned about losing the last 7 lbs like I used to be. I think visually, the biggest issue is the sagging skin, which no exercise is going to fix. I also think I’ll lose the remaining lbs when I stop breastfeeding. I remember this being an issue with my son too, and once I stopped breastfeeding the rest of the weight disappeared in a couple of weeks.

I’m still having bad hip pain at night, so I’ve added on some physical therapy exercises. So hopefully I will see some improvement with that.

Still doing Athena’s Playbook and PowerUp!

7 months postpartum with twins!

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