Darebee.com Epic 5 Review

I just completed Darebee.com’s Epic 5 workout program. It’s a 31 day program that consists of 5 minutes of work. There are cardio days, strength days, ab days, and combinations days. Some days are 5 minutes of a single workout, such as jumping jacks for example, and others are split into different exercises.

You can split the 5 minutes up and add rest or you can do it all in one go and make it “Epic”.

I paired this program with the 30 Days of HIIT (read about it here), and it made for an excellent warmup routine. The total time spent performing both programs was nearly always under 20 minutes each day, excellent for a mom of 3 kids under 2.

Here are my transformation pics. I began the Epic 5 program at 136 lbs, and I weighed in at 137 today. No huge weight loss, but I have a serious candy/sugar problem. A day did not go by where I didn’t have at least 2 or 3 pieces of candy, a cupcake, or some other sugary goodie. I have no doubt that this program would have shed 5 lbs easy without that handicap. I definitely do not consider this a wasted month of training.

I highly recommend this program as a warmup for any fitness regime you are doing.

After pic is left
After pic is left

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