Darebee.com 30 Days of HIIT Review

I just completed Darebee’s 30 Days of HIIT program. It’s a 30 day program with workouts ranging from 10-14 minutes long, perfect for a mom of 3 kids under 2 to squeeze in in between kiddie naps.

This is a full body program with upper body, lower body, ab, and intense cardio days. Be prepared to sweat.

I started this program at 136 lbs and have weighed in at 137. Not an amazing weight change, but I will state that in this same 30 day period I have consumed a mega bag of reeses candies, more reeses eggs than I can count, about 2 dozen cupcakes, some brownies, and lots of other sugery treats. With such a diet, I think I’ve done quite well overall. Additionally, I feel better, have more energy, and I tire less quickly than before I started.

Each day consists of 1 min of work in 3×20 sec intervals or 4×15 sec, followed by 1 min of rest. This rhythm made these workouts seem super short. I highly recommend this program if you’re looking for a quick burn.

This program pairs perfectly with Darebee’s Epic 5 workout program, which I did, and have also completed today. You can read about it here.

Below are my transformation pics.
Left in the purple shirt is me after the program at 137. Right is me at 136.

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