6 Months Postpartum Exercise Transformation

6 months postpartum as of Friday and I weighed in at 138, up a couple lbs from last week but I’ve been eating so many reeses cups this week and last week that I’m actually impressed that I didn’t gain more than that.

I don’t have a lot to report this week, other than yes, I’ve been eating a lot of candy but I’m still faithfully working out doing the Epic 5, and 30 Days of HIIT from Darebee.com, and pullups as a post workout.

I’ve now upped my pullups to 10 total, usually 5 real pullups and 5 negative pullups split into 2 sets. So usually 3 real/2 neg, rest, and then 2 real/3 neg pullups. I may try to do 4 real pullups tonight, we’ll see how I feel about my form.

I’ve also been eating all home cooked meals for the last two weeks because of covid-19, so maybe that’s helping me keep the weight off as well.

The good news this week is that I have finished off that family size bag of reeses cups, and I will NOT buy another. (Pinky swear).

I was hoping to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the 6 month mark, but I’m still 11 lbs away. I’ll give myself until 8 months, after all, that’s how long it took me to put on this weight.

This transformation is the difference of 12 lbs, which doesn’t sound like a lot considering I’ve been actively trying to lose weight for 5 months. But I feel better, I have more energy, my work pants fit comfortably again, I feel much better about myself, and I can do pullups again. Lots of wins despite not being fully at the finish line. I’m not giving up! I will lose these last 11 lbs!

Pics are below, and I’m sharing the pic at 4 weeks postpartum, and my 6 month pic so you all can see how far I’ve come.

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