25 Weeks postpartum and What to do when the gym closes for Covid-19 and other national emergencies

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Covid-19 is on everyone’s mind and to couple that with the fact that my job lost the rebid for our contract and I’ve had a couple interviews and some other things, plus triple kid duty because the daycares are closed…..whew. Its been crazy.

I weighed in last week at 136 and this week at 135 lbs. So I’m still making progress toward my 127 mark. Only 8 more lbs to go! I’ve been working out everyday following the Epic 5 and 30 Days of HIIT darebee programs, plus the abs of steel challenge and 3-5 pullups at the end of the workout.

The epic 5 and hiit programs are a great combo because the combo puts me into a sweat and it’s a total workout of about 15 minutes. Excellent for my crazy life right now! I also like that I’m doing both at the same time. The variety keeps it from getting stale and boring.

With coronavirus shutting everything down, including gyms, it’s important to find alternative means of exercise. I’m sure you already know that I’m about to get on my Darebee.com spiel. (I am not a paid spokesperson, they’re just awesome).

They recently released a new 30 day program called Xpress Tone which uses a couple of dumbbells to get a full body workout. I think I mentioned before that if you don’t have weights at home, you can use a water jug as a weight. A gallon jug filled up is about 8 lbs, even more if you fill it with sand or dirt. Two of these is a decent makeshift weight set that you can use for a ton of free weight moves.

Be creative in how you approach fitness during the shutdown, just because the gym is closed, it’s not an excuse to stop working out. Make a kettlebell out of a gallon jug, go for a jog around your neighborhood, or try bodyweight exercises if you normally lift weights.

Use this opportunity to get a little outside of your comfort zone with exercise.

Here are my results for this week. Until next week!

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