23 Weeks Postpartum and Pushing Past the Plateau!

23 weeks postpartum today and I weighed in at 136lbs. Yay! But it’s come at a price, a decrease in milk supply. Not a huge decrease, but enough that all the milk I pumped over that 4 day weekend is depleted, and we just started supplementing with formula yesterday. I’m pumping enough to get them to around 3pm, and then the last feeding before I get home is a formula feed.

I’m going to back off a little bit on my weight loss strategies to stabilize my milk, but let me first share those strategies with you.

1) Stop eating after dinner – several articles I’ve read stress the importance of not snacking between dinner and bedtime as it raises your blood sugar and decreases your metabolism. So I’ve been making it a point to not eat anything else after dinner.

2) snack on raw veggies – not only is this a great source of fiber and other nutrients, but it’s also a great way to curb the snack cravings. I have a personal problem with needing to chew, and taking a big box of raw veggies to work has kept my snack craving in check as well as kept me feeling full. Peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and celery have been my favorites.

3) replace sugar cravings with dried fruits – along with snacks, I have an out of control sugar craving. Last week I had several pieces of candy and/or cupcakes/donuts every day. This week I’ve brought my bag of dates with me and a tub of raisins to eat when the sugar cravings hit. I recognize that these dried fruits still contain a lot of sugar and carbs, but it’s not processed sugars and there are other nutrients involved. Is this still an issue in excess? Absolutely, but it’s a compromise I’m willing to make at this stage in my diet/weight loss journey.

4) move more at work – in addition to the Cardio Trim program, I’ve also done several days of the Baseline program just to move a little more and not be so sedentary for the majority of my waking hours. The Baseline program is great because it’s light exercise so it doesn’t make me sweaty, and there’s no floor exercises, so I can do them standing at my desk. I don’t think they’ve burned a ton of extra calories, but every little bit helps.

5) go to sleep earlier – I’ve been pretty exhausted everyday. Between taking care of 3 kids, rushing to get to work in the mornings, trying to stay on top of work things and home things, and work out and make dinner for a picky toddler…the list goes on. I’m so tired. A couple of nights this week I haven’t done my workout, which is another reason why doing the Baseline program at work is nice. I still accomplish a little something workout wise so I let myself rest earlier without feeling guilty. The more sleep though has done wonders. Waking up feeling a bit more energized feels soooo good, and I think it has helped me a lot with my weight loss.

All 5 of things combined though has definitely contributed to my 3 lb loss, but it’s also hurt my milk supply. The reduction in calories by eating the raw veggies and not being hungry enough for a full lunch is probably the biggest one to point to. A couple of days I skipped breakfast and/or lunch because I really didn’t feel hungry..

To find the happy medium, I’m going to continue to do all five things above, with the exception that I have my oatmeal breakfast every morning, which I didn’t have at all this week, and a substantial lunch, no more skipping it, I have to eat something for lunch.

Hopefully this will allow my milk to stabilize (oatmeal specifically is recommended to boost that anyway) and continue to lose a healthy amount of weight. I’m within 10 lbs of my goal now so that’s really exciting!

There are some challenges on the toddler front this week. My husband being gone for work is hitting my son really hard. He’s always asking me where daddy is, and it seems like any little thing will set him off.

He stays on the verge of tears, and this makes it so hard to do anything with him. His potty training has regressed so much. Nothing can go wrong in the mornings if he is going to even attempt to sit on the toilet, and forget any other time during the day–he either refuses flat out or melts down when I try to take him to the potty.

He’s been hitting kids at daycare some days, and it’s a constant battle at home with anything and everything. He says he wants one thing, then when I try to let him do it or help him do it, he fights me. This usually ends up with me just giving up and either just doing it for him or removing the option altogether. Neither of those things are going to help him in the long run, but when I’m trying to get everything together for work in the morning, I don’t have time to be patient with him. Same thing after work because the twins demand so much attention too. It’s impossible to tandem feed and play with a toddler. And this is very frustrating.

I don’t like seeing my child upset, and I don’t like forcing him to comply, I really don’t. I’m just in a crappy place as a mom at the moment. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Until next week!

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