22 Weeks (5 months) postpartum

22 weeks postpartum as of yesterday, which is 5 months and now 2 days, and I weighed in at 139lbs. I’m still stuck in this rut hovering around 140, with 12 lbs still to lose before I’m back to pre-pregnancy weight, so I’m not getting too excited about being in the 130s…I’ve been here before.

A couple of issues I’ve been experiencing lately is sugar cravings and what I call “hip death”.

Sugar cravings are getting out of hand. I tried to go a full day without eating any candy and made it to 1pm before I ate a reeses peanut butter cup, and then proceeded to eat 7 or 8 more pieces afterwards. To combat this, I have taken to work a massive container of raw veggies to munch on, and a bag of dried dates. Peppers, carrots, celery, and cucumbers take a bit to chew and eat and have actually helped me out a lot with cravings. The dates have too. They really are very sweet, and although I have consumed the whole bag two days in a row–600 calories per–, I have to remind myself that the sugar isn’t processed like with candy, I’m getting fiber and nutrients, and those 7 or 8 reeses cups (miniatures) equaled around 700 calories with no added benefit, unlike the dates.

Eventually, I need to wean myself off of the dates too, because that’s not sustainable either, but for now just replacing the processed sugar with something natural is a good first step. Progress is just that, progress, it’s not an overnight “one and done”. And unlike smoking, I’m finding the “cold turkey” method ineffective with removing sugar. Who would have thought?

On the subject of hip death. This is what I call my excruciating hip pain that attacks at night. It’s only describable by saying it’s like carpal tunnel in my hips. It was previously a symptom I only experienced late in my pregnancies, but for the past several weeks, it’s been happening every night, waking me up more often then my twins even. Which is a serious problem.

My self diagnosis is overtraining with high impact movements like jumping jacks, which are a main cardio movement of darebee programs. To a pregnant body carrying twins, just walking to the car or up a flight of stairs can be high impact, which explains the late pregnancy occurrence prior. This is getting unbearable now though, because unlike during pregnancy, this bout of hip death isn’t going away after I get out of bed, it’s lingering throughout my day.

This leads me into my next discussion: how much I hate the Cardio Trim program. I’m not sure why, but I dread these workouts. I only do them because I’m already invested in them and I’m not a quitter. That being said, I have chosen on several days to do the workout of the day instead of the next Cardio Trim day, so I’m on day 24 of the program instead of day 28. Oh well. These workouts take a long time, and unlike the full circuit program, it feels like it takes a long time, which makes me hate this program. I’ve only got a few more days to go though, and I’ve already lined up my next program, a combination of the Epic 5 and 30 Days of Hiit programs. Both of these together amount to under 20 minutes of exercise a day.

In addition to the Cardio Trim program, I’ve also been doing the Upper Body Light challenge, 3 negative pull ups as a finisher, and for the last 4 days I’ve been doing the Baseline program at work. It’s great because they’re all standing exercises and it’s more of an active rest than a workout.

This past week I’ve also discovered that I can perform a whole pullup! In fact, 2 whole pullups with decent form, I even did 3 one night after a workout but the form was really bad on the last one. I’m extremely pleased that I can do pullups again. So my 3 negative pullups finisher routine has evolved into 2 pull ups, 2 neg, a 1 min rest, and then 3 more negative pullups.

This excites me because it’s proof that I’m getting stronger. Not losing weight makes this accomplishment more obvious. This makes me very happy.

I’ll keep plugging away at it and hopefully be ready to move on to another program by my next post!

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