21 Weeks Postpartum and pumping for a weekend

21 weeks postpartum as of yesterday and I weighed in at 140. Ugh. This is really getting old. I’m not surprised because I took some time out this past weekend to travel and see my grandma, and I only kept up with the February Upper Body Light challenge. Even still, it’s getting to the point where I feel like the only way to make some progress on this scale is to start fasting, which is something I haven’t entertained because a) I’m breastfeeding and that would probably affect my milk supply negatively, and b) I love food, more specifically, I love eating food.

I traveled this weekend, leaving the twins and my toddler with my husband and his mom from Friday morning to Monday night, a total of four days. Whew! Pumping every 3 hours suuuuuuuucks! Especially at night. I woke up three times every night with rock hard boobs and had to pump–physically get out of bed, hook myself up and pump. Saturday night alone produced 20 oz. I never wake up engorged at home which means my cosleeping system works well and my girls drink a LOT during the night. This experience has shown me that I actually do get a lot of sleep at home.

I enjoyed seeing my grandma and not having to juggle babies, but pumping so often was such a pain. My battery powered Spectra did an amazing job of making it as convenient as possible though, and the built in bottle holder made it especially more manageable to pump in the car. I would not have had such success with the Medela, mainly because I don’t trust its battery pack to last half as long as the Spectra.

Suffice it to say, I won’t be going anywhere without my girls again until they’re weaned. Pumping is just too much of a pain, especially at night. So much for getting a decent night’s sleep.

The plus side though is that I came back with an enormous supply of milk.

Trips away from your babies can be done while breastfeeding, but be prepared to pump a lot. I for one, don’t plan on doing it again.

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