20 Weeks Postpartum

20 weeks as of this morning and I weighed in at 140. Boo. I’ve worked out every day this week but I must admit that my diet has not been good. I’ve been battling some serious sugar cravings and losing. Cupcakes are my kryptonite. Fer ril. Honestly I’m surprised I only gained 1 lb instead of 3.

The Cardio Trim program is rough. But I like it so far. Day 11 really pushed my limits. Burpees are truly full body movements and require an exasperating amount of energy and day 11 had 2 places where you performed 10 burpees. The pushup into a 10 count back extension at the very end of the set was also very time consuming and made the workout feel loooooong. I don’t ever want to do that workout again. But I am looking forward to the other workouts in this series and I definitely like the extra trophies you can earn by doing more difficult moves.

I’ll be going out of town this weekend to see my grandma so I most likely won’t be eating well (or I will be if you know what I mean). She has a sweet tooth like me too.

I’ll be leaving the twins with my husband and mother-in-law, which means I’m going to have to pump. A lot. It also means they will have to use formula since I doubt that they’ll have enough milk. I’ve been trying to pump extra and I’ve built up my stash quite a bit but it won’t be enough.

The Enfamil Enspire that I used with my son to supplement made the girls gassy and fussy. So I got the Gentlease and Nutramigen to try. They’ve been doing well so far with the Gentlease.

I’m going to miss my girls! We’ve got such a good system at night now. I’ll feed both and the first one to nod off I put farthest from me in the bed but still within arms length, and then I lay down with the other one still on the breast and we both go to sleep. At some point the one farthest from me wakes up and I can switch them. That usually lasts until it’s time to get up, although it might repeat one time.

They’re so snuggly and warm. I’m looking forward to seeing my grandma but I’m dreading not being with my girls. But I know they’ll be in good hands.

Until next week!