18 Weeks Postpartum and rethinking nutrition

18 weeks postpartum today and I weighed in at 143. When I first stepped on the scale this morning it said 139 and I was so excited until I realized that a corner of the scale was sitting on a sock. So after levelling the floor, lo and behold, I’m actually 2 lbs heavier than I was before I even started the 30 day Full Circuit program.

I already posted a full review of Full Circuit in this blog post here so I won’t spend a lot of time rehashing it. I will say though that despite not shedding any lbs, I did really enjoy the program and I do feel much stronger and able to endure more physical exercise than before, which is certainly a plus.

My failure to lose any weight however is messing with me quite a bit. And my plan going forward into the Cardio Trim program is to be more mindful of my diet and caloric intake. I haven’t been going crazy eating, but I have been refusing to acknowledge just how much my protein treats have contributed to my progress, or lack thereof.

A typical day consists of oatmeal for breakfast, a protein bar for 10am snack, lunch, a protein bar around 2:30, dinner, and a protein shake after workout. Whew. So. Lots of additional calories there and I think that’s where I’ve been going wrong.

A protein bar, having 190 ish calories, isn’t bad at all. However, eating 2 of them plus a protein shake every day is roughly 650-700 extra calories per day. Workouts might burn 250 ish of those calories, and lots of articles I’ve read state that calories burned through breastfeeding is often overestimated. So I’m basically adding an extra 500 cal/day which equals, guess what, 3500 in a week which is a lb and voila. There’s my weight gain.

This entire month I’ve been snacking on my protein bars, not really considering the calorie intake because I’m working out and breastfeeding so I can eat a little extra, right?

I’m blaming my weight gain on this miscalculation and pushing forward with a new workout program from darebee, Cardio Trim, and I’m limitating myself to one protein snack or shake after workout.

We’ll see how this next week goes with that plan and hopefully see some results.