Darebee.com Full Circuit review

January 1 I started the 30 day Full Circuit workout program created by Darebee.com. It cycles between 2 days of hiit for 21 minutes, no rest breaks, followed by two days of ab/fascia work for 9 minutes, no rest breaks. No rest days either.

This workout kept me challemged everyday, but the intervals were spaced so that 21 or 9 minutes really flew by. This program never got old. Everyday was a solid mix of upper and lower body and it contained lots of cardio and strength movements. Everyday I was sweating, but always surprised when I was done. And having two 4 month old babies, this workout being only 21 minutes on the longest day made it totally doable in between feedings, and from the comfort of my living room.

I feel much stronger, and my endurance has skyrocketed.

The downside is that I began this program at 141 lbs, and my weigh in this morning revealed a disappointing 143. Somehow I’ve gained 2 lbs despite really pushing myself. I wasn’t expecting any crazy transformation, but I was hoping to drop a healthy lb or two, at least carry me over into the 130s. But no. There may be other factors at play here too, nothing I can think of that is super significant, but don’t go into this program expecting a miracle weight loss.

Improvement in strength and endurance is nothing to sneer at, and despite not shedding any lbs, I’m still pleased with this program in terms of challenge and convenience and how good I felt after each workout. These are tough days, but they work the entire body and it feels great to conquer it.

The photos below show my physical appearance before (left) and after (right). I dont see any significant change visually, which is disappointing. Most of visual difference is lighting.