15 weeks postpartum

15 weeks postpartum Friday and I weighed in at 140. Whew! Hopefully next Friday we will see 139. I’m hoping to continue dropping at least 1 lb/week until I’m back to 127, which would be 13 more weeks so I can (wishfully thinking) say I’m over halfway there!

This week has been tough. I’m back to work, pumping 3x/day and trying to normalize a morning schedule between 3 babies that will get me to work by 8am. It didn’t happen this week. I was late everyday by at least 10 minutes, but not more than 30. Very disappointing. I hate being the one who’s always late. In the past being late wasn’t really a big deal because I could just stay later and make up the time. However now, I really need to rush home as early as I’m allowed to feed the twins, so staying late really isn’t an option, especially when my mother in law texted me at 2:30pm on Friday to say that she was warming up the last bag of milk. Yikes.

I’ve been able to pump 5-6oz each session everyday which is almost enough to keep up with their demand, but not quite. I was about 3 bags ahead going into this week and now I’m 0 bags ahead going into next week, so I will be formula shopping this weekend. I’ve still been using the Medela In-style Advanced because my Spectra S1 hasn’t arrived yet. I think it got lost because when I called them about it Friday they said they would send out another one. So maybe next week I’ll be able to compare the two pumps.

Regardless of what pump I use, I’m pretty sure supplementing with formula will have to happen. We had some infacare formula in the pantry that the nicu sent us home with back in Sept, and my MIL gave them 2 oz of it this week as a trial. Athena did alright, but Artemis got really gassy and smelly, but she didn’t seem fussy which was good. But reading about milk intolerance online suggests that gassiness is a symptom of intolerance, and in the hospital she was pooping blood until I was able to supply milk for her to eat, and it was suggested then that she might have an intolerance to the milk based formula, irritating her stomach and causing the bleed. With that history, I don’t want to risk bloody stools again so I’m going to get a non-milk based formula to try out.

I just really wish there were more options to choose from with that. There are only about 3 compared to like 40 of the milk based, which is frustrating because as a mother I want my babies to have the very best, and I’m just not sure I’ll be getting that in this case. Non-milk formulas take a more “beggars can’t be choosers” stance than their milk-based counterparts, which boast tons of “different this or that” or “more of these and less of those” options so you can really experiment and choose what is best for your baby. Not so with the non-milk. Very frustrating. But we’ll see how it goes. That’s the main thing on the agenda this weekend.

My girls have been getting better on the sleeping front. They’re usually awake from 8pm-11pm and 10-1030pm is when I feed them for the last time and put them down to sleep. It’s been working out pretty consistently that they’ll sleep until 3-3:30am and then wake again around 5:30-6am which is absolutely perfect timing to get them fed and get my son up. I’m so relieved! And I’ve actually been able to get some decent sleep this week!

Additionally, my son has started to let me tuck him in at bedtime and kiss him goodnight and walk out without crying or chasing me down. It’s truly a miracle and honestly I have NO idea why this started. I haven’t changed anything about our routine. But Monday night he turned off the light switch and let me lay him down, cover him up, kiss him and walk out. He even told me good night and blew me a kiss! The trend has continued all week. I’m super super proud of him and feel so much better about bedtime now. I was really worried about how upset he always got when we left but now it seems perfectly normal. Whew!

On the workout front this week, I completed day 11 of darebee’s Full Circuit and went jogging 1x. I’ve also been doing 3 negative pullups after every workout and for the last 2 nights I’ve actually done a whole pullup! I’m so pleased!

These workouts from darebee are delivering the results that I can see and feel without causing too much of scheduling problem. The Full Circuit is a tough program but I every workout feels like it’s actually done something for my body. Several nights I was drenched in sweat by the end. Even though I only lost 1 lb this week, the fact that I can now do a pullup and just the way I physically feel makes me very content with this website.

Also, I’ve been consuming quite a lot of yummy protein bars and shakes. Mid morning and afternoon snacks at work are usually protein bars and after workout is a protein shake. Articles I’ve read suggest that when performing an exercise regimen, consuming 1g of protein per lb of body weight is ideal when trying to build muscle. The biggest issue people usually face with that is all the additional calories that accompany that much protein, but with the Quest and Ghost protein topping out 190 calories per I’m not concerned about consuming too many calories. And I’m not consuming quite my body weight in grams of protein per day anyway. Somewhere around 70-80 grams is where I’m at, maybe a bit more depending on lunch and dinner, which haven’t been too crazy–usually subway for lunch and something with quinoa for dinner.

Well that’s all for this week. I can finally fit into my jeans! They’re still really tight when they’re buttoned and not very comfortable when I sit down in them, but hey. I can wear them!

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