14 weeks postpartum, back to work, and Full Circuit

14 weeks postpartum on Friday and I weighed in at 141, same as last week. I’m not discouraged by this though, it’s been a pretty stressful week.

I went back to work on Monday, so it was a jolt in schedule for me. I realized that one of the twins is a super night owl, and for 3 nights in a row she refused to sleep until 3 am. So I’ve been trying to get her to stay up from 7pm-10pm so she’ll sleep. Neither of them are sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time though, so I’ve waking up at least twice a night for feedings. Suffice to say I’ve been in a major slog all week.

I’ve also been pumping at work 3 times and for the first few days I was averaging 6 oz between both breasts, on par with what they were eating at home, but the last day I was only able to get 5 oz. Coming home and seeing my breastmilk supply nearly depleted is a very overwhelming sensation. I’m going to have to experiment with formula a bit this week to have just in case one of them goes into clusterfeed mode and the milk supply doesn’t last.

The pump I’m using is the medela in style advanced. I got it when I had my son and the little suction cap tore so I have to always pump both breasts, which isn’t a concern, but I’m wondering if maybe there aren’t other things that have broken down on it that may be affecting how well it pumps. I’d also like to keep a pump at work because hauling it around is annoying. So I ordered a Spectra S1 through my insurance. Hopefully I’ll get it within a few days and be able to speak about it next week. I’ve only ever used the medela, but the customizable settings on the spectra piqued my interest, along with the fact that it’s a European pump, and let’s face it, many countries in Europe have been far more supportive of breastfeeding moms than the US (at least until the last 2 years or so) so I’m hoping they’ve put that enthusiasm into making this pump amazing. It has excellent reviews online, so we’ll see.

My son has been doing well this week too. Luckily we’ve kept his routine as consistent as possible and continued taking him to daycare throughout my maternity leave, so it hasn’t been too stressful on him for me to go back to work. I am having difficulty getting him to take naps though. It’s always a struggle. I know sleep regressions happen, but to call it that there would need to be a period of calm before the regression, but in my case, he’s NEVER liked naps. He’s always fought us, to the point where he’s chasing after us when we leave the room. We’re trying to stay consistent with the time and a story, but he’s just not getting it. Eventually he’ll sleep, but he’s never willing and I feel like something needs to change to make this daily thing easier on him. He’s definitely not ready to skip it though, we’ve done that before and he turns into a terror around 4 pm. So dropping the nap is not an option. Grr. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

On the workout front this week, I’ve started Darebee’s Full Circuit program. It’s a 30 day program divided into two 21 minute nonstop HIIT days, followed by two 9 minute nonstop ab/tendon/fascia days. Each round is 3 minutes and then it starts over and you go either 7 sets or 3 depending on if it’s a 21 or 9 min day.

It’s tough! Definitely not for beginners. I appreciate how they’ve structured the workouts to vary the exercises within the 3 minutes, it really makes it seem like those 3 minutes are going by much faster, which is a big deal since there is not a rest period until you’re done. I’m enjoying it so far, I’m beginning day 5 today.

I’ve also discovered Quest’s new protein bar, Hero, the caramel chocolate pecan flavor. Omg it takes like a candy bar! 16 grams of protein, 11g of fiber, 2 g of sugar and 190 calories. It’s like a little reward for working out to eat it afterwards. I’ve also tried Ghost’s Chips Ahoy protein powder, which is pretty delicious as well. There are little cookie pieces in it that really make it taste like you’re drinking milk that you’ve been dipping your cookies in. Really good! 25 grams of protein and 180 calories per scoop. Can’t beat it! I look forward to my post workout consumption of these yummy products!

Until next week!

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