13 Weeks Postpartum, Christmas and sick :(

13 Weeks postpartum on Friday and I weighed in at 141 lbs. I survived Christmas! Yay! Of course, it helped that we didn’t do a big traditional meal, we had vegetarian tamales (black bean and sweet potato–sounds gross but it’s delish!), spanakopita, and rolls. Of course, I also single handedly devoured an entire fruitcake all on my own over the course of a week, so I guess it evened out and my workouts still enabled me to ditch a lb!

I have been doing Fit Christmas on darebee and some of the daily workouts too, nothing really intense this week though because I’ve still been so sick. Wheezing/ burning cough and enormous lymph nodes on the right side of my neck that have made chewing and swallowing quite painful at times.

The lymph nodes also made floor exercises painful, so I had to skip the ab day for Fit Christmas. As soon as I laid down to do flutter kicks my whole neck stiffened up. The swelling seems to be gradually going down now so I’m hoping to finish out that program and move on to more challenging exploits.

This week on the toddler front is going to be challenging, namely because I’ll be going back to work, which means waking him up earlier than he’s gotten used to these past 3 months I’ve been home, and we’re going to stop picking him up. Not only is he getting really heavy, but he also expects us to hold him whenever he wants us to, and gets upset when/if we can’t, like when we’re holding one of the twins. Additionally, he likes to be carried down the stairs now instead of going down on his own, something he previously enjoyed doing, and I’m no longer very comfortable carrying him down the stairs now that he’s so big.

I know this is going to be a difficult transition for him, mainly because he sees us picking up the twins all the time, so denying him the same attention I’m afraid is going to make him feel really insecure and unloved. But I know this is something all older siblings have to come to grips with, and it’ll be safer, and better for everyone in the long run. I just hope it doesn’t take too long for him to adjust.

Also this week, I’m returning to work! My mother in law has graciously agreed to watch the girls until flu season is over, but that means I’ll have to pump at work. I’m not looking forward to this. For many moms, this is the beginning of the end of breastmilk. But I figured that if I’m able to pump at least 3 times at work I’ll be able to keep up my supply, provided I can feed them before I leave for work and when I get home around 5pm. This is all going to depend on how rigid my mother in law is with their feeding schedules at home too. It’s going to be rough, but I’m hoping to go as long as I can.

I’ve kept the twins on a dedicated side all week. Thrush has not returned thankfully, but I’ve found that it’s a lot less stressful having a twin dedicated to one boob. I don’t have to worry about the one off feedings and how that depletes one boob and short changes the other twin for the tandem feeds later when I alter them. It’s just been easier. Athena is still on the left “snack” boob, and she still eats more frequently than Artemis and for longer periods, but I can tell that lefty has upped it’s supply quite a bit. I’ll know how much when I start pumping at work this week.

This upcoming week is going to be one of the most stressful so far. No more daytime naps for me means a more rigid bedtime and waketime for myself to ensure the girls get fed and my son gets ready in time for me to take him to daycare on my way to work. Not to mention that my girls are smiling and cooing so much now, and are always excited to see me. It’s going to be hard to leave them all day, but at least they’ll be in loving hands. I’m very fortunate their Nana will be here with them.

I’ll let you know how well I survive next week!

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