12 Weeks Postpartum, dodging thrush, and sick :(

12 weeks as of yesterday and I weighed in at 142 lbs. I’m finally beginning to see a physical difference from where I started which is very encouraging. I worked out with the darebee dailys every night except 2 this week, have completed the deadhang challenge without making it past 1:20 – 2 mins is impossible, but I finished out the 30 days doing my best, which is all anyone can really expect from exercise, so I don’t feel like a failure for not getting 2 mins, especially since my shoulder still hurts. I’m going to have to rest it for at least a week before moving on to the Flex hang challenge, where the 30 day payout is a modest 45 second hang instead of 2 minutes. 45 seconds sounds achieveable, but we’ll see.

Darebee also had a few other fun exercises this week since Christmas is around the corner: “Dodge!” – the snowball fight game where you throw virtual snowballs at hive members and to dodge you have to perform a squat. I dodged 202 snowballs in total, and I found it more challenging to scroll through the hundreds of tags to find my name and see how many snowballs people had thrown at me than actually squatting to dodge them, but it was pretty fun. “Epic Tree” was another one they had where you pick an exercise and perform a specific amount of reps to receive an ornament on the darebee christmas tree. I completed 3000 punches and received my gold star ornament.

Despite all these workouts, I’m afraid I have to attribute the most credit to my 2 lbs weight loss to being sick and not eating well. In fact, there were days I literally had a bowl of oatmeal and maybe a sandwich besides or a bowl of cereal – nothing substantial. I also was not drinking enough water as my cracked and peeling lips betray. But my severe sore throat, and then debilitating cough just took most of my appetite away, and I found myself asleep for the greater part of the day, stirring really only to get feed the twins and get my son ready for school and sleep.

On top of this, I had another thrush scare. After 3 weeks of nursing in pain and 1 week of relief I felt it beginning to come on again on my right nipple three nights ago, the same day I completed the medicine the dr had prescribed me. A look inside my daughter Artemis’ mouth revealed what appeared to be a mild case of thrush on her tongue. So, to contain it as best as I can, I’ve isolated my daughters to one boob, Athena is on the left and Artemis is on the right with maybe thrush.

The issue with this is that my left boob is a major underperformer. When I pumped last night it gave me 2 oz while the right gave me 5. It’s the “snack” boob. Athena was pretty upset at having to snack for 2 days and I feel pretty awful about it, even though she’s been eating way more frequently than Artemis. My understanding from google is that breasts adjust to stimulation and produce as needed, so I’m hoping that lefty gets its act together and starts making some real meals for Athena.

As far as the right is concerned, Artemis has been content obviously with the “dinner” boob, and now I’m almost sure that the pain I feel is due to a crack in the nipple, possibly caused by dehydration and a poor latch, instead of thrush, because it hasn’t gotten worse as I expected. Fingers crossed this is the case!

My goals this upcoming week are to drink tons of water. My lips are soooo dry and cracked! And begin the “Fit Christmas” program on Darebee – a 12 day challenge to help you stay fit through the holidays. Sounds good to me!

I’ve included a collage of progress from 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and now the 12 week mark. It’s not as amazing as some of transformation stories I’ve seen out there, but I’m proud of my progress nevertheless. And I have 15 lbs to go to get back to pre-preg weight!

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