10 weeks postpartum, Thrush (STILL), new workout clothes! And thinking hard about formula.

10 weeks postpartum as of two days ago, I weighed in at 144 lbs, yay! I’ve really ramped up my workouts, ran a mile 2 nights pushing my son in the stroller and did the darebee daily workouts. I missed yesterday’s though… But I’ve definitely worked out 5x this week which I’m very proud of and I think the scale shows it. Not sure about the visual progress though, that never seems to change. 😦

I got some new workout clothes, leggings, tops, shoes, bras, and socks! Getting new workout clothes is always an awesome motivator for me. And the leggings and shoes are soooooo comfortable! It’s worth the investment to get new clothes, my body has changed a lot since I last got workout clothes, and my old stuff doesn’t fit as well, and shoes are always nice to have new, especially when running. Active runners are encouraged to get new shoes every 300 miles or so. With the amount of stress you’re putting your body through beginning a workout regimen, it’s important to have supportive, breathable, comfortable clothing. So go ahead and treat yourself to a shopping spree and get you a new workout wardrobe!

I’m still not past 1:20 on the deadhang challenge, but I requested some guidance from the “Hive” (the darebee online community), and it was suggested that I split the total time into sets instead of one continuous go to get my muscles used to that amount of stress in a short time period. So, I did 3 sets of 40 seconds day before yesterday with 30 seconds rest in between. So thats 2 minutes of deadhang inside of 3 minutes, not bad. I’m hoping this advice will help me complete this challenge. I really want to accomplish this! It’s going to be such a demotivator if I can’t :(.

The battle with thrush is ongoing. I found out I was giving my daughters their medicine incorrectly. The Dr also prescribed me some fungal cream and an oral pill to help clear it up. The treatment has taken a couple days but it’s finally working. Its not completely gone yet but it’s much less painful to nurse. I wish I had gone to the doctor sooner for the oral stuff. If you’re dealing with thrush, I recommend seeing a doctor for medicine right away. Waiting it out is very painful and in my case, pretty unproductive.

I am wondering if the medicine has slowed my milk production though. My breasts are super soft almost all the time and I’m worried about not being able to produce enough when I go back to work. My daughters seem to be getting enough right now though and they’ve already doubled their birth weight!

On the subject of nursing, not only have I had some substantial issues this time around (mastitis, thrush) I’m struggling with the fact that breastfeeding two babies is just plain exhausting. Even when they are on the same schedule, which I’ve been better about enforcing, it’s still awkward tandem nursing both babies. Getting them into position and then getting them back in their crib when they’re done is a challenge, and now that my husband is away for work 5 nights a week, tandem nursing and also giving attention to my two year old is just overwhelming at times, and I feel bad about turning the TV on so he’s distracted so often. We’ve also started potty training and he has moments where he’s really motivated to sit on the toilet, and it’s a huge letdown for both of us if I’m nursing when this happens. It’s so important to catch those windows.

I feel like switching to formula would take so much stress away where all my children are concerned. But at the same time, since I do have the ability to feed them, and they were premature, and they’re doing so well on my milk, I’m struggling with the idea of changing to formula. Studies have shown that breastfed babies are better at fighting off infection than formula fed babies, which I feel offsets the risks preemies have compared to full term babies when it comes to sickness. Not to mention how that would cost in the long run with two babies!

My original plan going back to work was to pump at work and then breastfeed at home. I could pump exclusively, but that would mean pumping at home too which is almost more of a pain than tandem feeding. Not only would I have to ignore all three of my kids while I’m pumping, but then I also have to spend additional time thawing the milk and making the bottle and feeding them anyway, which seems to defeat the purpose of the entire exercise.

I’m just not sure what I should do. It’s not even convenient to breastfeed on the go with twins like it was with my son. Tandem nursing is almost impossible in public so if they’re both hungry, one almost always has to wait until the other is finished which can be a frustrating situation for everyone, especially when it takes longer for them to feed at the breast than a bottle. And if I take pumped breastmilk to feed them in public then my breasts have missed a feeding which means milk production drops, not to mention it’s uncomfortable. It’s like a constant losing battle.

Breastfeeding twins is going to drive me insane, but I’m really struggling with the idea of giving up on it. Especially since I know that if I do, I can’t reverse my decision, once the boobs stop, they stop forever. And that also means periods return. Ugh.

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