9 Weeks Postpartum…and Thrush…still…

9 weeks pp as of two days ago–Thanksgiving set me back a couple days on this post–and I weighed in at 148 lbs. Surprising considering that Thanksgiving killed my diet.

I’ve also eaten quite a lot of Popeyes chicken sandwiches after trying one of them. The hype is real! But one thing I have known about myself for several years now is that meat does not compliment my physique, quite the opposite.

Once upon a time I was counting calories, running every morning, gymming every afternoon, and making sure I got my macros in, sufficient protein for my weight and tons of water–protein sources being turkey, baked chicken, and tuna–the “healthy” meats. Right?

I lost 10 lbs and then was stuck on the last 10 lbs for about 3 months trying to shed them and continued this routine every day hoping I’d get over this plateau. Finally, I decided to go vegetarian on a hunch and in 2 weeks those 10 pesky lbs were gone! Two weeks!

I am not the only weight loss success case whose achievements are steeped in vegetarianism. Several people I’ve worked with have had good results cutting meat out of the diet. One guy who worked in the office over started a vegan diet and lost 43 lbs in his first month. Crazy!

The most frustrating thing I hear from people about being vegetarian is “how do you get protein?” Such a simple answer–nuts, beans, dark green veggies, brown rice, eggs, whole grains–the list really does go on and on. Meat only occupies a tiny portion of the protein world.

Additionally, when alternative sources of protein are consumed in place of meat, oftentimes a lot of bad food is skipped too, like french fries, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, lots of grease, and tons of dipping sauces. And in it’s place are much healthier choices. Seeking out alternative protein sources, quite frankly, is an excellent dietary choice all around. I recommend it highly!

This week though I’ve vacationed from vegetarianism quite a lot. The only reason I can think why I haven’t gained weight is because I’ve ramped up my workouts.

I’ve been doing the daily darebee workouts almost everyday and doing them to level 2 and I’m feeling really good about them. I have accomplished 1:20 for the deadhang challenge but I’m stuck now, I’ve only managed to hang on for 1:15 the last two times. Ugh. The next achievement is 1:30, which sounds nearly impossible, but hopefully next week I will have accomplished this! I’m determined!

I’m also still dealing with thrush on my nipples which has led to several cracks. It’s never been so painful to breastfeed! But I’m not giving up. Olive oil has certainly helped a lot, especially in keeping the cracks from sticking to my shirt (ouch). I was seriously on the verge of switching to formula this week though. It is so painful!

I tried out a nipple shield and omg it was a miracle! No pain at all! The only issue I had with it though was that my breasts were still very full when my baby fell asleep at the breast, making me think that she feel asleep moreso from becoming tired than from getting full. So I discontinued the shield. It was certainly worth a go of it though and for a couple feedings at least it was totally pain free! And in using it I was reminded how much I do enjoy breastfeeding when there’s no pain involved.

Hopefully this will clear up completely by next week.

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