8 Weeks Postpartum and Thrush

This week I met most of my goals – I almost worked out everyday, no ring fit though. I have 2 days remaining on the 30 day Yoga and Glute challenges and about 10 days remaining on ghe Dead Hang challenge. I’m skeptical I’ll even be able to complete that one though, the last day is a 2 minute dead hang. Gah! My tummy does seem to have less of a gap though, so I think the Diastasis exercises I’m doing are helping.

This week I weighed in at 146, and still am not seeing any significant changes to my body, not going to lie, I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I did 5 darebee workouts this week and felt really good about them.

On top of this, I experienced the excruxiating circumstance called nipple thrush. Oh. My. God. I noticed some white buildup on one my girls’ tongue last week but figured (or hoped) it was just milk buildup, but then it went away! And then…it began to hurt soooo bad to feed them. My nipples became red and raw. At first I thought it was poor latch and they had pinched and blistered me, so I spent a full day pumping and giving them bottles to let myself heal. Resuming nursing the next day hurt even worse than the previous day!

Some google research suggested thrush, the “shiny” appearance of my nipples was the give away and the red rash on my daughters bottom that desitin had not gotten rid of for 3 three days, and desitin normally clears a rash up in a day. I had some nystatin cream left over from when my son was prescribed it, so I put some of that on my nipples (removing it before feedings and reapplying after) and my daughter’s bottom. Bottom rash was gone the next day and there is significant improvement on my thrush.

The Dr. Called in some oral nystatin and I’ve been swabbing their mouths with it. It’s still painful to feed, but not nearly as much as before.

Postpartum has been an ordeal this time around. So many hurtles in the first 2 months! Gah!

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