6 Weeks Postpartum and why Halloween is the worst holiday for your weight loss

6 weeks post partum today and I’m pleased to say that I’ve met my goals this week. Did my ab fixing workout, the Yoga and Glute challenges, as well as a dead hang challenge from darebee.com since I’m a little obsessed with getting my pullup capability back asap, and played ring fit 3 days this week, averaging 21 minutes per session.

I’m feeling really great on the work out front. However, my weigh in this morning revealed that I’ve gained some pounds back, 147 last week but 151 this week, and I’m blaming halloween.

Halloween, in my opinion, is the worst holiday for weight loss, more than Thanksgiving and Christmas, at least the culprit during those holidays is actual food. Halloween is straight sugar. I always buy too much candy and the kiddos always stop trick or treating earlier than I expect, leaving me with at least one full bucket of candy. Kit kats are my kryptonite, fer ril, and once the kitkats get the candy train started it doesn’t stop until we’ve also gone through the snickers, twix, milkyway, and hersey cars. Ugh.

The visual change this week is non-existent from last week. Over these last 6 weeks though I do see some progress. How much of that is due to exercise or just normal body recovery I don’t know.

Mastitis cleared up from last week by the next day! Excessive massage, nursing, extra pumping, and drinking tons of water I think really helped kick it in the butt. I didn’t have to go to the dr or use antibiotics to get rid of it thankfully. Now obviously, I’m not offerimg medical advice, this is only how I handled it, it’s not a recommendation.

I’m going to switch back to the running in place mode for Ring Fit adventure this week. The silent mode was fun, but it was definitely easier and I think burned way fewer calories than jogging in place, so I’ll switch back and see if I don’t feel more challenged.

Until next week!

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