5 Weeks Postpartum and Mastitis O_O

This week began great and has ended horrible! I weighed in at 147 lbs this morning, no real noticeable visual changes though that I can tell. I did do the Glute and Yoga workouts from Darebee.com and the Diastasis Recti (DR) workouts from Whattoexpect.com everyday (Yay!). I ditched the plank from the DR routine though because I’m terrible at planks and I was afraid my bad form would compromise the purpose of the exercise. Some of the most common advice regarding DR is to not do exercises improperly or it can make it worse. So, planks ditched (thank the girl).

I played RIng Fit Adventure only twice this week instead of the three I planned on, but I unlocked some new moves and am still feeling pretty good about the difficulty level. I also played on the “silent mode” today, which is basically pulse squats instead of running in place. Honestly, I feel like it works out my booty way better than running in place. I may decide to alternate playing in the silent mode and default mode instead of using only one exclusively. Right now, I’m all for booty exercises so I’ll stick with the silent mode.

New to the postpartum learning curve this week is Mastitis in my right breast. I never experienced this with my son, not even when I was weaning him, and I am a bit concerned about how I should proceed because of course WebMD says it could develop into a fatal infection if left untreated, but how often does that happen?

Two days ago I experienced malaise, fatigue, and body chills. I didn’t want to eat, all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I honestly thought I had contracted stomach flu and had my husband pick up some pedialyte in preparation for it. But, mysteriously these symptoms vanished by the evening. Yesterday, my right breast was super sore all over, and today the underside was red. All of these symptoms are completely on par with mastitis. I have not taken myself to the doctor yet for antibiotics because I’m hoping that it will go away on it’s own. Self treatment so far has been the recommended breastfeeding plus pumping to try and unclog the duct, massage, heat, drinking water, and wearing nonrestrictive clothing.

Though I’m not exactly sure why this has occurred because I’ve been feeding my babies around the clock (seriously they never seem to NOT want to eat), I’ve only worn stretchy nursing tanks, and I’ve been pumping at least once per day when they feel full, my guess is that I have encouraged this super disrespectful condition in a few ways.

First, the nursing tanks I’ve been wearing have little straps on the sides where the flap that uncovers the boob attaches to, and I haven’t been paying the closest attention to this strap to ensure that it isn’t twisted or somehow strangling a part of my side boob, especially while I’m nursing, so it’s possible that it could be constricting some ducts even though it’s very stretchy.

And second, I have not been drinking enough water. They say to drink a full glass every time you feed your baby and/or pump. Well, that’s not always feasible when you’re tandem nursing/pumping – I only have two hands, so I know that this is a big issue for breastfeeding and overall health in general.

So, I’ll be making it a point to drink more water this week, and more to follow next week on how the mastitis goes. Hopefully with proper care and attention it will clear up on it’s own without needing antibiotics. Oh, and did I mention that it HURTS like a B*&^%?

On the toddler front, my son has started to say “please” this week and makes my heart melt every time! It’s going to be a challenge to hold my ground when I tell him “no”, like it wasn’t hard enough before. Gah!

One other thing I’ve observed just today actually is that my hair is silkier than it has been for several months. Hormones returning to normal? Still dealing with lochia though – when is that ever going to stop???

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