4 weeks postpartum and Ring Fit Adventure

Four weeks postpartum today and I’m down to 150 lbs, not significant from last week, but I’m not discouraged. These things take time, and one week is really not long enough to visibly see progress.

This week I did the Yoga and Glute challenges from Darebee and the diastasis recti exercises from whattoexpect just as I planned. The Yoga workouts are not really strenuous at all, many of the movements are just stretches, and the total workout is around 6-8 minutes everyday, but I feel really good after wards. It’s definitely a good warm up/starting place to activate your muscles and establish a daily routine for harder workouts later.

In addition, my husband bought the new Switch game, Ring Fit Adventure and I’ve got to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at how interactive, challenging, and fun it is. I’ve made it through the 3rd world so far, unlocked some new moves, and am feeling a little sore. I think the first world took 18 minutes, the second around 21 minutes, and the third that I just completed tonight was about 32 minutes. I was sweating each night and I feel like my muscles received a decent workout in that time. Each stage introduces you to enemies that you have to defeat through exercise moves, and it’s cool because your character gets a visible power boost when you challenge yourself with the movement, for example, squatting lower gives a boost, squeezing the ring harder gives you a boost etc. You can also up your difficulty setting to make it more challenging.

Time will tell if this game actually gives results, but for now it’s really fun playing it and it makes it a lot easier to get into an exercise routine because it’s fun and rewarding, and I definitely feel like I’m burning calories, even if the little HR monitor at the end of each round doesn’t seem to think so.

I’m still struggling with my sweet tooth as usual, but I’m rediscovering how delicious certain protein bars are, and I’m using them both as a reward for working out and a sweet craving. Quest protein bars are absolutely delicious, a box of 12 goes for about 20 bucks at GNC which is affordable if you consider that a candy bar is around $1.50 per but far less nutritious. Quest bars boast 21g of protein, 1 g of sugar, 14g of fiber, and clock.in at only 190 calories and curb the sweet craving. The chocolate chip cookie dough and s’mores flavors are my ultimate favorite, they taste like cookies.

Additionally this week, since I’ve been exercising I’ve realized that the epidural site on my back is still sore where they botched it and it’s impeding my flexibility to bend at the waist and do certain stretches. Hopefully this is just a temporary issue that will resolve itself, but at 4 weeks pp already I’m a little skeptical. I feel like this should have resolved itself by now.

Morning and afternoon routines are going great with my son. It’s almost better now than before the twins arrived simply because of my increased mobility. I’ve been able to feed the girls before he gets home from daycare so that I can put them down for a nap and play with him while my hubby makes dinner. So wins on all fronts!

Sleeping is still rough though. Napping/nursing in the recliner between 8 and 12 has been saving my life!

No visible results yet but I’m going to stick with the workout plan I’ve established and continue on this week! Darebee/Diastasis Recti challenges everyday, and Ring Fit at least 3 nights/week.

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