3 Weeks Postpartum

I’m three weeks postpartum (and 1 day) and I’m now 151 lbs. I can honestly say that I’ve done absolutely nothing that I planned to do this week. After last week’s post I fully intended to work out everyday and eat healthy, and pump milk at least once a day also. None of that happened. Instead, I found myself 90% of the time sitting in my recliner with one or both babies, nursing, and the other 10% of the time taking a shower, refilling my water glass, changing my maternity pad (this perpetual period is seriously getting old), or trying to eat something. Welcome back to new mommyhood!

I was fully prepared (I thought) for real sleepless nights with the twins. With my son, being a singleton, I was able to cosleep with him and literally pop a boob in his mouth every time he fussed, and we both went right back to sleep (don’t shame me for cosleeping, I challenge anyone to tell me they’ve never done it with their baby). With the twins however, that’s virtually impossible because, well, obvious reasons, they can’t both have the boob at the same time.

Or can they?

This remarkable pillow exists called the Twin Z. It really is amazing. If you have twins, get one. It’s a lifesaver. It does allow me to pop them both on and relax. The only issue is, falling asleep in a seated position eventually does a number on my butt, not to mention I wake up because my head has flopped over and my neck is killing me from just hanging there. So… not really a cheat code for sleeping like I’d hoped, but for feeding in general it really is amazing. Seriously, if you have twins, get one.

So… back to it. My 2nd week postpartum did not go as planned at all. My husband and I are getting into a routine with our twins at night, he snuggles one, I feed the other until his gets fussy, then we switch. Not the best scenario, but it has allowed me to catch some Zs without completely wearing out my butt.

Also, on the toddler front, I’ve reinitiated the breakfast routine with my son. The twins have both been pretty hungry around 6:00am, so I’ve been able to placate them in time to put them in their bassinet for a milk-drunk nap and get my son up for breakfast while my husband showers. Hopefully this trend will continue when my husband goes back to work in November when it really counts. Win!

I’ve also been snacking somewhat exclusively on Kit Kats. I made the mistake of purchasing a massive bag of minis before I gave birth (there were like 200 pieces in that bag), and I’ve been stuffing my face with them all week. Now I’m out and I will not be getting more, the cravings are real though! But hopefully the lack of weight loss this week is partially because of that…

On the exercise front though…I have a plan… I just haven’t put it into practice yet. There’s an amazing site called darebee.com. It’s a free exercise site (although I do donate every month because I LOVE this site) and they have all kinds of at home workouts. Please check them out, they have something for EVERYONE!! This month they have a 30 day Yoga challenge, which is literally a 10 minute workout, and a 30 day Glutes of Steel challenge. They also have a workout of the day if you like to be more random. These workouts are nothing excessive, which is good because I haven’t been given the all-clear from my midwife yet to go all out, like the majority of you experiencing week 3 with me, but they are enough to activate my muscles and get warmed up for some real exercise.

Additionally, I’m pretty sure that I have Diastasis Recti, so I’m going to include some exercises from whattoexpect.com to help correct that and hopefully tighten my abs up a bit.

That’s my plan. 30 Yoga challenge, 30 day Glute challenge, and the Diastasis Recti exercises, hopefully everyday. We’ll see how it goes!

Here is a pic of me 3 weeks postpartum – not a significant change from last week at all, but hopefully once I start exercising (and not eating kitkats exclusively), I’ll start to see some noticeable improvements. Stay tuned!

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