On LoveEvery

I'm sure you've seen the ads for the LoveEvery toy box containing specially designed toys for your child's particular development age. They're on Facebook everywhere, and I successfully ignored them until a friend recommended LoveEvery to me because her daughter was enjoying them. Because I didn't really have time to do my own research into… Continue reading On LoveEvery

On the Morning Yoga Movement

I decided to give Yoga with Kassandra's Morning Yoga Movement a try. I've always been attracted to yoga and it seemed like a good way to get in some exercise without over exerting myself (because, let's face it, being a mom is exhausting enough). I found out about Yoga with Kassandra from a reddit post.… Continue reading On the Morning Yoga Movement

On Shampoos and Scalp Psoriasis

Shampoo is why I have scalp psoriasis. I've been dealing with scalp psoriasis for several years now, and I hate it. The scales are huge and crusty, and they won't come off without taking chunks of hair with it. Over the years, I've had psoriasis spread to my ears, right eyebrow, and a few other… Continue reading On Shampoos and Scalp Psoriasis

Super Easy Black Bean Burgers (Vegetarian)

I was scrounging around in my kitchen for some lunch and decided to let the muses create what they will. They came up with a super duper easy Black Bean burger recipe that was really tasty. All you need: 1 can of black beans, rinsed and smashed1/3 c. cooked quick oats (I cooked mine with… Continue reading Super Easy Black Bean Burgers (Vegetarian)

7 Months Postpartum and my decision about daycare amid the COVID-19 pandemic

I made it seven months postpartum as of April 27, and I weighed in at 134 lbs. Seven lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. COVID-19 has posed some new issues and moral dilemmas that as a parent, I hoped I would never have to make. The major one being, do I put my child in… Continue reading 7 Months Postpartum and my decision about daycare amid the COVID-19 pandemic